About Us

About Us

Our Vision:

  • To be a National known and trusted IT company in Qatar.
  • Provide reliable, robust and secured solutions for our customers.
  • Transform business to a more practical, useful and smarter style.

Our Mission:

  • We are hardly working to implement best practices, intelligent ideas and smart solutions that positively increase your business efficiency.
  • We ensure applying IT framework standards and processes to accomplish high quality for service delivery and continuity.
  • We ensure good understanding for our customer requirements and high level of satisfaction.
  • We are hiring professionals that meet latest technology qualifications and market requirements.

How we work?

Planning and Designing:

The most important stage of any project where ideas and business analysis come into the scope to execute output imagination.Final outcomes play a crucial role in identifying business requirements.


Ensure a professional and healthy applying for business requirements in addition to project day to day tracking for progress to ensure successful completion within the time frame.


Quality assurance is not only an expression, all developed functions are tested properly to meet business requirements and excellent project output.

Launch & Support:

The time for system execution requires many preparation steps to ensure successful project delivery. Meanwhile, we provide a Service Level of Agreement to ensure a high level of support. Finally, to achieve our customer satisfaction, we always consider fast response and quality of service.

about us

Why Trendix?

Innovative Ideas
Organised Work
Cost effective